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On this page, we explore the musical talents of local upcoming and underground artists from around the world in Toronto, Canada who continue to follow their passion and expand the creative culture that inspires and feeds the soul. Hear their stories and share yours.


Fafiella's new single 'Brainstorm' is resonating through the city of Toronto, and soon the world. A local artist who's spirit flows elegantly with grace and power. Captivating the audience with relatable lyrics mixed with complex emotions, in hopes to bring out the best in humanity by channeling her positive yet chaotic energy into her music. Look out for her at local venues as she continues her journey.



The Pilot Episode: The Live Experience

From Scarborough, Lowercase is rockin' the city with his new project 'The Pilot Episode'. The single off the album titled Run has been a big hit with the crowds and streaming platforms such as Spotify, along with Zeitgeist. I was lucky enough to attend his show at The Drake Hotel on Queen Street. Check out the latest Exp.share episode below to see what he has in store for 2023!



Toronto artist who captures the sound of the cities night life. A producer and founder of Nu.Soull, dives into cosmic energies and brings them to the streets. Influenced by anime, hip-hop, and his drive for creative independence as he wages his rebellion against the world with his music. He recently dropped his new project Soulless and shows no sign of slowing down.

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